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Dr Franc Cukjati: Having succeeded in forming a government on the principle of exclusion for the first time, they clearly hope that this primitive protocol will be successful again

By: Anita Gužvič / Nova24tv

This time, the President of the Assembly for the Republic, Dr Franc Cukjati, commented on social and political events. He initially reminded that one of the basic laws of a living organism is to remember, above all, the way it works, which brings it success. “A successful process of behaviour, which is repeated over and over again, is eventually internalised by the organism. All the way to their genetic bases, which are even inherited. Not only a tree that has learned to spread its roots into the rootstocks and wet traps of the earth, or a bacterium that discovers an antibiotic defence, but also politicians who want to influence society by their idea, quickly remember how to achieve their goal.”

The protocol of behaviour with which a person succeeds becomes a habit for a person, which colours his personal character, said Dr Franc Cukjati. From this point of view, too, the political events of Slovenian society are becoming more than interesting, but above all more understandable. “Remember last spring when we were hit by a pandemic and we fell into a madhouse of procuring emergency protective equipment, in a crazy global market? And the Slovenian media imposed on us the suspicion of serious corruption of ministers who had barely taken office. They were so easily accused that any critical observer had to be horrified.”

Journalists spread lies abroad

This was followed by the work of freelance journalists, who were unusually persuasive abroad that the Slovenian government persecutes journalists and suppresses media freedom. Although they have proved with this behaviour that not only freedom of speech and press reigns in Slovenia, but also freedom of lies and unjust discredit, Cukjati reminded. “And indeed, the foreign left wing media summed up the lies and the discrediting of Slovenia in Brussels was to some extent successful. The success experienced by the authors thus consolidated the protocol of their work.”

The experience of permissible violence became a habit

Remember last year’s first protests, on which they shouted “Kill Janša” and later “death to Janšism”, burning human puppets, spraying police officers, harassing doctors, spitting at MPs, threats to kill their children, Cukjati continued in his comment. “They organised a long series of unannounced protest rallies at a time when even announced rallies were banned. No organiser was punished, so the successful experience turned into a habit based on the belief that laws and regulations in Slovenia do not need to be respected. The Slovenian prosecutor’s office and the judiciary also let us know that they can make unlimited threats, call for murder and spit in the face if they are members of the center-right option.” The experience of such permitted violence, with which hatred is successfully achieved, becomes a habit and a permanent protocol for protesters to act.

A strange and not very useful personnel policy is being announced for the country

Remember also the last elections, Cukjati continued. Šarec’s coalition was not based on common programme goals, but on a single point, which was constantly put in the forefront “just so that it is not Janša. But after they formed a government on the basis of exclusion and Janša was expelled, they fell apart because there was no more glue, there was no goal for which they would still cooperate. Having succeeded in forming a government on the principle of exclusion for the first time, they clearly hope that this primitive protocol will succeed again. They do not even question what else will unite them if they manage to form a government, based on their primitive agenda. However, they have already announced that the exclusion will apply to all parties that have cooperated with the current government, and obviously also to all voters and sympathisers of these parties. A strange and not very useful personnel policy is being announced for the country.

Why do nations fail?

World-renowned economists Acemoglu and Robinson have convincingly shown in their analytical book Why Nations Fail that it is precisely the exclusion the cause of nation failing, Cukjati recalled. “The long-time hatred of the central non-leftist politician has done its thing. It fatally poisoned the entire left political field and completely emptied their state agenda. All they are left with is hatred, exclusion.” Never before in the last 30 years, in such a short time, has the general political culture fallen so drastically, and never before has the media lie and vulgar road aggression that was first inflicted on the center-right politician spread so drastically, and now it is starting to tackle other targets more. Untamed and even rewarded hatred, according to its inner law, deepens and expands until it explodes in a horrible cataclysm.

The old wisdom warns that it is not difficult to ride a tiger, it is difficult to dismount it and stay alive, said Cukjati, adding that Brussels actually rightly warns that the problem with the rule of law is in Slovenia. “All indications are that law enforcement agencies no longer protect citizens; politicians, police officers, doctors, MPs are citizens too; from attacks, insults and threats from the road mob. Even false slander of the Slovenian state abroad and mass violations of the law are no longer sanctioned if people of left wing political orientation do so. The right of the public to credible information and truth is not provided, let alone guaranteed, even though they pay for it.”

The key to an orderly Slovenian state is wise and determined voters

There is no room for the rule of law to lie, be violent and exclude. “If we want to maintain or establish an independent, free and legally regulated Slovenian state, which obviously does not always have wise politicians, truth-loving journalists and cultural activists, we must have at least wise and determined voters. For a country as divided as Slovenia, the only solution is probably an ideologically sound government, as we got after the withdrawal of Šarec’s government.” Two center-right and two center-left parties provided us with an efficient and state-forming government, Cukjati recalled, concluding that he is convinced that “Slovenia has enough left wing voters to entrust mandates to those center-left parties that are not caught in bad exclusion and are capable of cooperating for the benefit of the Slovenian nation.”


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