‘Vampire’ house for sale with ‘terrifying’ wine cellar leaves people speechless

(Photo by ZILLOW)

by A.P.

A five-bed house in Salt Lake City priced at £2.7 million has attracted a lot of attention, thanks to its incredibly unique interior, including an unusual swimming pool

A five-bedroom home has been listed for £2.7 million – and viewers of the incredible property have been left reeling.The house in Salt Lake County, Utah, is absolutely huge and has gone viral on social media, after they got to look inside.

It’s listed on Zillow, which describes it as a “premiere luxury estate” which is “truly is a cut above the rest.”Meanwhile on Twitter, it was described as a “medieval castle crossed with a McMansion and a Vegas themed hotel.”

Naturally, the property has been become a topic of discussion, with people divided over the decor.One person joked: “I too would like to live in a set from a ’90s point-and-click adventure game.”