Jan Plestenjak gloomily: “Unfortunately I will not celebrate with it!” Fan: “Where is joyful Jan now?”

Jan Plestenjak / FB

Jan Plestenjak is originally from Škofja Loka, more precisely from Puštal. But it is no secret that his home for some time now, has been one of the most beautiful Slovenian seaside pearls.


We are talking about Strunjan, which is also known for its health resort and beautiful natural environment as well as for the famous cross and the pilgrimage church.

The musician complained on Facebook that he would not be able to celebrate the venerable jubilee. Who or what was he talking about? Of course about his olive tree, which is one of the oldest in the area. As he revealed, he will no longer be alive when his olive tree reaches venerable 400 years. However, he did not want to reveal its true age – most likely the olive tree with which Jan poses in the photo is 300 years old. Or 350. Well, world record holders are thousands of years old, for example in Israel.

Some of Jan’s fans the message (“Olive-queen … we’re going towards 400 … but unfortunately I’m not going to celebrate with it … because I won’t be around anymore … But I hope someone will be;) J.”) understood differently. One of them scolded him: “Together we are going slowly towards 50s, but you have started to feel sorry for yourself! Where is that brave, always full of joy, Jan now?”

Well, maybe this time Jan sang the song recorded by his almost neighbour Slavko Ivančić “When I’m gone” …