Wedding photographer’s furious rant about girl with iPhone who ‘ruined’ her shot

(Photo by Facebook)

A photographer has gone viral after sharing an open letter to a wedding guest who ruined her perfect photo of the bride.

These days it seems that no matter where you go, people have their phones glued to their hand, snapping photos for the ‘gram.

And while in most situations it doesn’t cause any harm, one professional photographer has had enough of people attending events and attempting to do her job for her. 

Hannah Mbalenhle Stanley was recently hired to photograph a wedding and everything was going great – until a girl with an iPhone ruined everything.

The snapper was all set to capture the perfect photo of the bride and her father as they entered the church, when a guest decided to try and do the same thing, leaning out into the aisle and sticking her arm and camera straight into Hannah’s line of view.