Cleaning mistakes that could be making you ill – and they can be very dangerous

(Photo by Instagram)

Most of us spent a lot more time than we would like scrubbing, sweeping and dusting, so it’s important to know what all those chemicals are doing to our insides.

More and more of us are learning to love cleaning thanks to Mrs Hinch and other social media stars who have somehow made dish cloths and disinfectant cool.

But mopping, sweeping and dusting can all have a negative effect on our health. And, in some cases, cleaning can even make us ill. 

We spoke to cleaning expert Ralitsa Prodanova from home cleaning firm Fantastic Services about the top 10 mistakes you could be making around your home and the best way to keep your pad spick and span.

Nobody wants their house to get mouldy, but scrubbing spores can be extremely hazardous.