Chef explains how to make ‘proper’ Yorkshire Pudding – and one ingredient is key

(Photo by Instagram)

To celebrate Yorkshire Day a Michelin-starred chef has revealed how to make the perfect Yorkshire Pudding.

August 1 marks an interesting day on our calendar – it’s Yorkshire Day, a time to celebrate all the best things about the historic county, including a tasty treat named after it.

We’re talking of course about Yorkshire Puddings, those wonderful things that accompany your Sunday roast or make up the base for toad in the hole. 

The puffy batter puddings are thought to have originally been known as Dripping Pudding, before a woman named Hannah Glasse renamed them Yorkshire Puddings in a cookery book published in 1747.

It’s not known why she decided to give it this name, but some have suggested it may have been because the dish proved popular with coal miners in Yorkshire at that time.