Freddie Mercury tormented himself for ‘not being as talented as John Lennon’

(Photo by Instagram)

The Queen frontman spent many hours doubting that he had the talent to be remembered in the same way as other singers.

Freddie Mercury used to torment himself as he compared himself to Beatles legend John Lennon and then worried that he would never match up to him. 

Despite often being heralded as one of rock’s greatest ever showmen, the Queen icon drove himself to distraction by trying to match up to Lennon and then, in his own mind, falling short. 

In a new autobiography, Freddie Mercury: A Life, In His Own Words, the singer was revealed to having insecurities about his voice and doubts that were heightened by not being as good as his heroes, in his view.

The Queen singer paid tribute to Lennon on the night after he was tragically killed, singing Imagine at their London gig.