Dave Grohl: ‘I dreamt I was shot in the back’

(Photo by STA/DPA)

by A.P.

When he was 11 years old, Dave Grohl was convinced he was going to die.

It was the early 1980s, when terms like Armageddon, nuclear winter and mutually-assured destruction were as common as quarantine or lockdown are today.

Growing up within spitting distance of the Pentagon and the White House in Washington, DC, Grohl concluded that “if there was a war, we would be the first people to die”.

“I would have these dreams of missiles in the sky and soldiers in my back yard,” he says. “I vividly remember a dream where I was standing in my back yard and I saw a soldier come out from behind a tree and, as I turned to run back to my bedroom, I was shot in the back.