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Monday, June 5, 2023

Boris Johnson Becomes UK’s Next Prime Minister – It is Now Likely UK’s Activities in Spygate Will Be Revealed

Boris Johnson will take over as the leader of the UK after winning the Tory vote overnight.  It’s expected that Johnson will work with the US to uncover the origins of the Russia Hoax that took place in the UK.

Johnson will not only oversee the UK’s efforts to exit the EU per its mandate from a few years ago, he also is expected to assist the US in uncovering the UK’s actions in Spygate. 

We reported more than a year ago that a foreign government did interfere in the US election of 2016 and that government was the UK – not Russia! These pompous pieces of work thought that Hillary would win and they would never be caught. Soon the entire story will be out and Americans will be totally outraged!

President Trump recently tweeted after the leaked cables from the UK related to its former Ambassador to the UW.

The British Ambassador was a nitwit in sharing such things in such an elitist manner. However, some individuals believe that the leaks were a means to soften the blow when the real crimes come out about how the UK attempted to overthrow the US election.




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