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Professor Žiga Turk to all those calling for a new wave of migrants from Afghanistan: “Brussels policy is shaped by EU members and Janša is doing just that”

By: Domen Mezeg / Nova24tv

“This reflex that Brussels is one such Belgrade, from which we obediently receive instructions, will have to be removed. The policy of Brussels is shaped by EU members, and Janša is doing just that,” said university professor Žiga Turk in response to a note by Delo journalist Peter Žerjavič. Sassoli’s manoeuvre was seized by the Slovene majority media and even in the LMŠ, where they obviously want Brussels bureaucrats to decide again instead of the EU member states and additionally set mandatory migrant quotas for them.

At the same time, socio-political commentator Žiga Turk added that everyone knows that Prime Minister Janez Janša did not speak on behalf of the EU and that his tweet has no legal weight. “But he is formulating policies that have not yet been adopted. But once, they will be. That is why Sassoli came forward,” he was clear. He responded to a statement by central media journalist Peter Žerjavič: “The President of the European Parliament has clearly explained to the Slovenian Prime Minister that it is not the presidency of the EU Council that will say what the EU will do about humanitarian corridors from Afghanistan…”

Slovenian Prime Minister Janša warned on the social network Twitter that the European Union would not open any European “humanitarian” or migration corridors for Afghanistan. The statement, however, angered socialists across EU member states. When Janša asked them for a list of member states that are in favour of accepting a new migrant tsunami, silence followed. “The EU will not open any European ‘humanitarian’ or migration corridors for Afghanistan,” the Slovenian Prime Minister wrote on Sunday, August 22nd, 2021.

“We will not allow the strategic mistake from 2015 to repeat. We will only help individuals who helped us during Operation NATO. And to the EU members who protect our external border.” Janša’s statement provoked the wrath of the European Socialists. The loudest was the President of the European Parliament, a member of the Italian Socialist PD, David Sassoli: “The current President-in-Office cannot say to the Council what the European Union will do. All our institutions are working to find out what kind of solidarity would be needed for all those threatened by the new Afghan regime, and not just for the Afghans who have worked with us.”

As a basis for discussion a migration-friendly position is quietly and self-evidently trying to be established

For further comment, we turned to Professor Turk, who explained the matter: “The debate on migration policy is starting in the EU after the withdrawal from Afghanistan.” Prime Minister Janša opened it with a clear position, which has a bit more attention because Slovenia holds the presidency of the EU Council. He contributed to the fact that a migration-friendly stance would not quietly and self-evidently be used as a basis for discussion. If the EU is a community of members, then such initiatives (and also the reverse in substance) are what is expected of members of the European Council. From all members, not just from the prime ministers of the largest countries.


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