Sweden: Migrant’s Sex Assaults ‘Not Serious Enough’ for Deportation

(Photo by Instagram)

A failed asylum seeker from western Africa has been charged with multiple counts of sexual assault but the prosecutor has said the alleged crimes are not serious enough to call for his deportation.

The alleged assaults took place at a disco in a church in Västra Götaland and saw the asylum seeker, who is in his 20s, sexually harass several teenage girls by touching their breasts and buttocks, Nyheter Idag reports. 

“We all noticed a guy in the room, he was very nice to everyone and we tried to keep him away. Then he began to touch us,” one of the girls allegedly assaulted by the migrant said.

The behaviour of the man spread around the event with several girls making complaints to the police, though it is not known whether any of those who made the complaints had been assaulted by the migrant themselves.

The man now faces four counts of sexual harassment, but according to prosecutor Joanna Larsen, the crimes are not serious enough to push for his deportation.