Bosnian security minister: 100,000 migrants may be headed north from Greece toward Western Europe

(Photo by screen shot)

Fahrudin Radoncic, the security minister for Bosnia & Herzegovina, has warned European officials that close to 100,000 illegal migrants may be headed towards Western Europe from Greece in the next few weeks.

The Bosnian security minister then went on to say that personnel in charge of securing the Bosnian border would be ill equipped to handle the vast wave of migrants that could be headed up the Balkan peninsula, Kronen Zeitung reports.

“Our border is very permeable. We don’t have enough [guards]or material resources,” Radoncic said.

The security minister also mentioned that the rapidly deteriorating situation at the migrant camps in Bosnia, saying that the camps become less livable everyday as the already overcrowded camps continue to take in more migrants.

“We are missing at least 1,200 border guards. In practice, it currently looks like a police officer has to monitor 25 kilometres of the border. That is impossible!” Radoncic said.