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Friday, September 22, 2023

Schools indoctrinating along left-wing ideologies damaging to children

By: V4 Agency

Although a classmate apparently falsely accused a student of racism, the school did not stand up for the victim. This is yet another example of the devastating effects on children of propagating left-wing ideologies in schools, states journalist.

An increasing number of schools are not only teaching children about racism, but also about the so-called critical race theory, and other left-wing ideologies. This can have a terrible effect on children as was highlighted by a well-known veteran journalist.

Megyn Kelly spoke in an interview about her recent conversation with a teenage girl who asked for her name to be withheld. The girl was accused of racism by one of her classmates, and although the evidence seems to counter the accuser’s allegations, the school did not stand up for the student. As a result, the young girl’s reputation was marred.

Kelly observes, this is a very good example of the devastating effect that leftist principles can have. Now, with the pandemic-related closures and being prevented from meeting with friends, children are more vulnerable and sensitive. As a result, reports of suicide among young people are “peaking and out of control.” On top of all this, they are stuffing kids’ heads at school with critical race theory and the notion – labelled as fact – that white people are inherently racist, Megyn Kelly pointed out.

In the interview by Glenn Beck, Ms Kelly said that, “this nonsense ideology” is especially damaging to children. What’s more, this is the worst time to pile yet another burden on children’s shoulders by telling them that “every single white child is a racist, every boy is full of toxic masculinity, and that they were born bad” from the start. She believes this is exactly what happened at the school of the accused young girl.

Megyn Kelly has spoken out before against the direction education has taken in some schools. In the fall, she reported removing her children from their New York City schools and was also considering moving out of the metropolis altogether. Her decision came on the heels of learning that the school administration was rooted in the “reforming of white children” in accordance with radically racially biased practices.

According to the journalist, the situation, which they had resisted for years, had spiralled completely out of control, and they have had enough. Although on some topics she leans more centre-left and is tolerant of different views, she felt the school administration had crossed the line. She also recalled an instance last summer where an article was circulated to parents explaining that white children are inherently racist.


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