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Man’s ‘proper’ spaghetti bolognese branded ‘very very wrong’ by furious Italian

by A.P.

Journalist and amateur chef John Sweeney took to Twitter to share a photo of his spagbol with his followers, but people couldn’t believe their eyes when they saw some of the ingredients he had added to the pan

A man’s attempt at making a spaghetti bolognese has been branded “very very wrong” by a disappointed Italian chef.

John Sweeney bravely claimed that he’d made the dish “properly” on Twitter, writing: “Spag Bol, properly done. No carrot. Lots of Italian red. Thank you.”

The journalist shared a snap of his frying pan filled to the brim with chunks of red onion, mushrooms, mince, herbs and “lots of Italian red”.

But while people in the comments discussed what ingredients should and shouldn’t be added to the classic dish, an Italian chef called him out for making it incorrectly – and he wasn’t impressed.



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