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Mum’s incredibly honest Amazon review for leggings is making hundreds laugh

A woman named Karen has been praised for sharing an absolutely hilarious review for a pair of leggings on Amazon.

It’s no secret that gym wear is extremely comfortable and if most of us are honest, we’d probably prefer to spend our days decked out in leggings and baggy t-shirts, as opposed to skin-tight jeans and crop tops.

And if you’re one of those who feel this way, please allow me to draw your attention to what have been described as the “best yoga pants ever”. 

A company called The Gym People are selling a pair of workout leggings with pockets on Amazon for $20.99 (about £16.67) and they’ve got rave reviews from hundreds of women.

The best of the bunch comes from a mum named Karen, who gave the leggings five stars and penned an incredibly honest – and downright hilarious – review of the black pants, which included a photo of her shoving a bottle of rosé wine into the pocket of the garment.





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