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Monday, June 5, 2023

Colorado Thieves Break Into Pot Dispensary But Only Get Oregano

Stealing oregano from a marijuana dispensary is a dopey thing to do.


But that’s what a group of Colorado thieves allegedly did early Wednesday after crashing a stolen minivan through the glass front entrance of Native Roots, a Colorado Springs pot shop, police said.

After the break-in with the van, several accomplices entered the store from a different vehicle, and carried out what they probably assumed were containers of marijuana, according to the Denver Post.

The burglars loaded the loot into the getaway car and drove west, leaving the van behind.

A police officer spotted the getaway car and tried to pull it over, according to reports. Instead, the fleeing driver hit the police cruiser, then sped away, reported Fox21News.com. The cruiser sustained minor damage and the thieves escaped.

Although the suspects were still on the loose, they probably aren’t high on the proceeds of their heist.  

Turns out the vials that may have looked like they contained marijuana were display items filled with oregano, according to the Colorado Springs Gazette.


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