We are better than protesters and let’s stay that way

Matej Zorko. (Photo Demokrtacija)

The media machine advertises Friday’s masquerades in the capital on a large scale and instead of just reporting on the events in a neutral way, they shamelessly encourage them. In any way, they want to show that this is an all-Slovenian spontaneous action by those who oppose the current government. In reality, however, it is a group of extreme left-wing activists who, due to sick personal hatred of certain people, demand at least their political downfall, which is far from a healthy opposition that you tackle by proposing, arguing, proving that you have better and more effective solutions and measures for progress.

Of course, those or descendants of those who were extremely privileged in some other system, want back to the lead times, because they do not tolerate the fact that power is not eternal and hereditary, but belongs to all of us or each time to someone else, the one who got the most trust in the election. The number of those mentioned, however, is limited, so I don’t think there’s much to fear that these matters will grow into something massive. Did anyone notice that among protestors are workers who work three shifts and earn 700 euros? Did anyone notice mothers of multiple children struggling through the month?

No, such people do not get the word and attention. All the lights are shining on some quasi-artists and culturists who don’t know the basics of good manners. Their “peaceful” protests are increasingly turning into anarchist campaigns, attacking police officers, desecrating state symbols and monuments, encouraged by the mayor of the most beautiful city and a group of his honorary citizens and other anti-Slovenian intellectuals who poison the young Slovene generation. If our future will be shaped by such primitives, then we cannot talk about the future at all, but about immediate collapse. They are fueled by the attention given to them, so let’s pretend it’s nothing, ignore them, don’t challenge them, this will hurt them the most. Let them live in their own little world, and let us strive to make our world bigger, better and more beautiful than theirs.