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Returning to a one-party system – when normalcy?

By: Dr. Ivan Klemenčič

That communism and post-communism are based on lies became especially evident at the time of Slovenia’s independence. In 1991, the old and new communists declared “coming down from power” for naïve voters, shouting the slogan “Europe now”, which already seemed frivolous at the time, and became a “party of democratic renewal”. None of these basic items even happened to hold. Now, to the disgrace of socialism and democracy, there are still Social Democrats. Their resignation was immediately confirmed when they stormed Lojze Peterle’s democratic independence government almost daily until it was overthrown less than two years later. According to Peterle, their anti-Slovenian Declaration of Peace was a knife in the back of the independence fighters, and a betrayal for the president of Demos, Jože Pučnik. That was “Europe now”. Of course, they continued to be for Yugoslavia, and for naïve Slovenes they invented a kind of asymmetric federation. They only cared about power, and because of their power aspirations, they were very afraid of the European Union and NATO.

Have the renewed communists changed at all after all this? In no way, we would say, they just adapted to European democracy for a new era of their rule. Although it was obvious that the last first party member and his supporters had the opportunity to really contribute to the democratic transition of Slovenia. As an incorrigible communist, he did not decide for democracy and thus not for the Slovene nation. Kučan’s option was by no means a fair mea culpa of the Slovene communists, repentance, regret and apology for all the evil they had caused to the Slovene nation. On the contrary, it was a striving extension of the communist era of oppression of the Slovene nation. Even after independence, the first party member is working hard to regress to the old system. Yugoslavia would also be most welcome to him if he did not knock-on closed doors.

Switching roles and returning to a one-party system. Just us

With these and other slogans, the intention of the old forces was to create the appearance of democracy and at the same time to destroy it as much as possible. To adopt a new form of democracy while preserving the old ideological content. Thus, the successors of the League of Communists suddenly became first-class democrats, splitting into four parties at the moment, and another because of the appearance of democracy. To this day, they have shown their helplessness and with it and with their stubborn ideology they have done a lot of damage and billions in losses to the Slovenian nation. The coalition of the constitutional arc, which sounds misleading democratically following the Italian example, constantly and systematically attacks the democratically elected government from its communist roots as the Prime Minister Janez Janša, declaring him a fascist and dictator to take away their legitimacy from the Slovenian public.

What does that mean? Of course, it is essential if they do not need opposition. If it is abolished, it means a return to a one-party system. The tactics of the old forces are transparent. The opposition is unsystematic for them. This is also how to understand their exclusivism. They are least subconsciously still in the one-party system. Just us. Only in my area. One and the same party. There is no other option.

Continue to systematically manage the society

This party exclusivism is confirmed in almost all areas of social activity. We will take a closer look at the five most important and characteristic excerpts from it. We have already indicated the first party area: the dispersion of parties of continuity instead of the former one and only, usually with new democratic signs, and at the same time as part of the system deprivation of legitimacy to the legitimately elected government and prime minister. In short, a skyrocketing role-swapping tactic. This means that you impose your undemocratic and illegitimacy on your opponent and decide on this in the role of a legitimate democrat. The “socialists” must, of course, be completely silent about their tycoons and capitalist ascendants. Does the SDS have a single tycoon? They are completely silent about this as well.

Second, the parties of the old forces must have their supreme leadership. The new Central Committee is now a deep country, where live various kučans, golobičs, odlzeks, jankovičs, biščaks, veselis etc as leaders and operatives. Also in the Central Committee, only a few individuals decided, from Kardelj to Kučan. As the billion Iranian dollars laundered at the NLB show, this is a strongly spread mafia network, typical of totalitarian countries and also characterised by corruption, a publicly declared contract economy since Popit.

The current four new faces are at this point visible exponents of the deep state, part of the mafia puppet theatre. They cannot hide the fact that they are the result of many years of communist negative selection. That is why they are not accidentally incompetent, without a programme, their only programme is the well-known anti-Janša programme. In addition, the leaders of these four incompetent parties are at odds with each other. Their reach is Šarec’s “annoying broads” and Bratušek’s “vi dont nid mani, vi nid tajm”, (“we don’t need money, we need time”) and with the Prime Minister’s decision the shareholders were damaged by almost a billion euros, to which the European Court of Human Rights has already responded, and with nearly 440 million us taxpayers rescued two private tycoon banks – which is the theft of our money, but the prosecution did not respond. With their “right to abortion”, the upliftment of the LGBT ideology, the anti-family policy, they are digging their own grave, as already mentioned, and with their criminal ideology, they will become extinct.

It is still necessary to ask, what will they do for the Slovenian nation? What for democracy, and the progress of the nation, what about a better life for Slovenes, and what, for example, about connecting with other nations?

New democratic form and old ideological content or insistence on formal democracy

Thirdly, it is obvious that the fundamental item of their existence, identity, ideology, now as a necessary post-communist ideology, which is hidden to a certain extent, hides its radicalism, criminality. The deep state is hiding the radical communist left with Levica, because it is quietly preparing to take power, if at all possible, of course. Namely, they are continuing their communist dreams. No matter, if the programme is unconstitutional, let us just remember the horrible announcement of the nationalisation of companies. All in all, this is a plan of a kind of new Venezuela, their great role model, which they also visited and admired. Plan for the destruction of Slovenia.

However, crypto-communists and klepto-communists today are ruthlessly betrayed by the support of their bloodthirsty predecessors, the mass genocidal murderers who relentlessly protect them and still go to worship them today. This, of course, is not something innocent, as they want to show, so they take their murderous guilt on themselves as well. They keep these bloody idols by force among us with their depictions, omnipotent statues of red “heroes”, naming streets after them, they still haunt with bloody stars and flags of the failed aggressor state. They also accept the methods of revolution, although their predecessors, the newly declared democrats, completely removed it from public life as a name and replaced it with a new one, the liberation of the Slovene nation. With the revolution, the greatest criminals of the Slovene nation divided the Slovene nation, and this is still their valuable lever for their faithful successors to restore the division of the nation and make it easier to manage.

Still an ideology of death

Moreover, as we well know, these sworn new Democrats in the National Assembly have more than once rejected the Resolution on European Consciousness and Totalitarianism of 2009, which condemns all three totalitarianisms. It is no secret that they are still ideologically identified with communism and its crimes against the Slovenian nation. And as such, they claim the right to insult the democrat Janez Janša with a kind of fascist and Nazi, and not even by chance do they insult him after the worst totalitarianism with a communist. This, of course, does not work because they would demonise themselves. Bloody communist totalitarianism is not an accusation then, right social and other sworn modern-day democrats?

Fourthly, thus, when we talk about communist ideology we are talking about the ideology of death, about killing brothers and sisters. It is by no means an expected condemnation of this deadly, criminal ideology, on the contrary, the old-new forces today are a revival of its criminal spirit. After all this, and in the entirely new conditions of a democratic European Union, we are witnessing new and new death threats with uncontrollable hatred. It started when a Balkan man in the middle of Ljubljana threatened the president of the democratic government in front of the post office with “kill Janša”. The police and the prosecution remained silent, or it was an impunity for them. But in the absence of democratic brakes, official serious warnings, and also no court proceedings and punishments, the threats escalate until assassination attempts or even deaths occur. Undeclared strikers on Fridays and Wednesdays also escalate this hatred and violence, carry death-threatening inscriptions, especially to democratically elected President Janez Janša, and at the same time intend to overthrow the government. They set a good example with these death threats – hardly likely – on the protesters’ banners at the RTV Slovenia session!

The last escalation is death threats with death to all three leading politicians of the coalition, including the associated SNS and the upright members of DESUS, each letter was accompanied by a bullet of a larger calibre. To the Democrats’ latest comments, we read the arrogant response of the Supreme Prosecutor’s Office that the threats were not the result of an inappropriate and untimely response from the Prosecutor’s Office. This time, the ombudsman was completely dumbfounded, not to mention the Constitutional Court. As the whole parliamentary coalition is deliberately covered by this, obviously all KUL opponents, these death threats raise a definite assumption that this is an organised action of the opposition KUL against the government and that the performers are also members of KUL, all with the support of the deep state. This brings us even closer to a one-party system.

The topicality of the communist revolution in the 21st century

What does that mean? That the latent revolution had erupted into its active form, and that only weapons, detachments of volunteers, and orders of the new Central Committee of the League of Communists were missing for the next phase discovered.

We have come so far. To overthrow a legitimately elected government by illegitimate, criminal means, in short, to kill it. As did their genocidal predecessors the Red Revolutionaries from Čebin used to do. So, they are certainly not Democrats in this once again apparent swap of roles, they may be violent revolutionaries, as the illegitimate assassin Bolsheviks were in the October Revolution a good century ago. But in a democratic Europe of the twenty-first century?

Let’s tell them, over and over again, governments do not change on the street, Democrats change them in elections and in parliament. With this looming bloody violence, you are not Democrats, you are criminals!

Last and fifth, we find that the one-party system includes almost complete control of society, especially over such important areas as the judiciary and the prosecutor’s office, public information, including education and health, and the economy with its financial resources. With the courts in Slovenia, it is possible to imprison any political opponent and decide on elections, as well as with mafia money. As a pars pro toto, let us recall only the classic case, the Patria affair, with which the then opposition leader was tortured in the courts for ten years, imprisoned immediately before the election and thus prevented his party from winning the election. When the criminal party courts were to rule in his favour, their mafia left the matter obsolete. The opposition leader was a three-time victim of both communist and post-communist rule. What has changed?

The party has full control of the society from the courts to public information

Not to mention public information, which is almost entirely in the hands of the Communists and their successors and is not limited by Janez Janša. Thus, day after day, with their ideology, they impose their virtual world of upside-down values, based on lies, constant incitement against democratic rule, and the export of lies abroad. Although Janša’s government is also clearly above average in comparison with the EU, which is confirmed by the numerous statements. There is also no doubt that Prime Minister Janez Janša has established himself in the world as a respected statesman, completely at home in a high international state society. Can we imagine any helpless, internationally reckless Šarec in this role?

That is why it is necessary to hide Janša’s successes and achievements at home and abroad, to censor them. For example, after a long campaign at the highest state level, this year’s achievement, when Slovenia became a member of the now nine EUMED Mediterranean countries, or when Janša was elected a personality of Central and Eastern European countries in 2020. Then the accusations against fascist, dictator and cowardice would be ridiculous, transparent lies. And if we continue to talk about the real flourishing of Slovenian foreign policy, now with the important role of Foreign Minister Dr Anže Logar, who together with Janez Janša authentically placed Slovenia in the international political arena. Not to mention the ambitious presidency of the Council of the European Union with important programmes and political events. And before? For Karl Erjavec’s foreign policy, this meant he was cooked and baked at Lavrov’s in Moscow.

The opposition is also characterised by a constant run-in with early elections, even though the four pale faces are at odds with each other and as such are unreliable for the voters. It is an artificially created political atmosphere, as if something extremely important and fatal is constantly happening, even though absolutely nothing is happening. They remain powerless, completely helpless, that is the truth about KUL.

Their lifespan will not be lasting because the edge of the dustbin of history is perishable, even though the communist tail is still dangerously twisted. The time of democrats is coming, even in Central Europe. Let’s use it! Let the critical public information spread, after the epidemic comes the time of mass rallies for democracy and decommunization of Slovenia, the elections will be an important consideration for the consolidation of democratic power.

Dr Ivan Klemenčič is a musicologist and publicist.


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