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(ALARMING VIDEO) Migrants Physically Attack Inspector Who Demanded Placing Tents in Designated Area. The Presence of Security Guards Prevented a Tragic Ending.

Migrants physically attacked an inspector of the Authority with responsibility for foreign nationals, who carried out regular inspections of locations where illegal immigrants are illegally staying, the Krupnjani Portal reports.

The inspector had the task of returning the tents outside, back to the designated area. First, she tried to persuade the migrants, but the group went on to physically charge her. Fortunately, there were two security guards, who had to resort to force to save her. One of the attackers fell and injured himself on a tree trunk, said Slobodan Ujić, director of Authority with responsibility for foreign nationals.

The migrant story is different, of course. According to them, the family who should have moved was told that they have to leave immediately and at this point the representatives of the authorities turned violent.

You can watch the video HERE.


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