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Brutal surge of illegal migrants into Slovenia. Equivalent to one Celje with its surroundings so far

By: Vančo K. Tegov

Slovenia is already “thoroughly” burdened and financially exhausted by the presence of illegal migrants, and the accommodation facilities for “temporary” stay are overflowing. In such situations, and given the disoriented policy, in homes lacking established criteria for controlling their movement, the least desired outcomes occur.

There is an increasing number of situations where many illegal and unwanted guests lose control, become irrational, experience hormonal dysfunction, or engage in sexually aggressive behaviour, which is very close to rape, harassment, property destruction, both public and private. Consequently, all types of crime are on the rise. There have already been several heinous and despicable rapes almost carried out in public places. The fact that authorities, including the police, who should be the guarantor of our security, attempt to conceal such incidents from citizens, even renaming and reclassifying them, as they did with a rape case renamed as “restraint on the ground”, cannot hide the inability to cope with this issue, which is crucial for citizens’ sense of security.

By the end of October, there were already 50,622 illegal border crossings processed. This only includes migrants actually apprehended by the police. Among them, it appears that there are mostly Pakistanis, Afghans, and Moroccans. All from countries where there are no direct military conflicts and adhere to the principles of a safe country, especially Morocco, a popular destination for a vast number of our tourists. If we compare this to last year when 24,662 individuals illegally crossed the Slovenian state border, it becomes evident that there is a sharp or 100% increase in these trends. This has been made possible by Golob’s policy, who has essentially become the male version of Angela Merkel, at least regarding this issue. Clearly, most of them crossed the border at sections where the panel fence was removed.

This is supported by statistics on illegal crossings in the area of the Police Directorate Celje. In the area covered by the Celje Police Directorate, they dealt with 270 individuals who unlawfully entered the country. For comparison, last year, a total of 536 individuals were processed for illegal border crossings, evading border controls, and unauthorised entry at the internal border. In the Celje Police Directorate area, only five percent of the panel fence has been removed. Another piece of evidence that the fence is effective and serves as a deterrent.

Regarding nationality, police officers from Celje most frequently intercepted (once they were already on our side of the border): 63 Afghans, 34 Pakistanis, 18 Russians, 13 Moroccans, 11 Turks, 19 Indians, and 10 Sri Lankans.

All with the desire to seek a better life, not due to war. Once again, there is improper allowing and subsequent entry into the country under the statement that they seek asylum or international protection. And the Minister of Internal Affairs of Golob’s government, as the highest-ranking chef in the political hierarchy, advises the locals who dare not peek out the window to avoid contact and just let them pass through. As a precaution, lock yourselves in, he adds.

Whether this is a deliberate disregard for their own legislation, a lack of respect for the state as such, or complete political and mental ossification of the “decision-makers”, is not clear and understandable to me. If they do not come to their senses on their own, the people or voters to whom they brought “hope” will judge them. Deceived hope and trust can be very painful. It already is for the people. Soon it will be for the prime minister and his indolent and immature team as well.


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