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Women who call themselves women are sexist!


It is well known that men, male-like, diverse or other non-childbearing persons who refer to menstruating persons as “women” (a word that is now as pejorative as “mother” instead of “carrying parent”) are despicable sexists. Just like anyone who uses the evil N-word is racist.

It may not be so well known that menstruating persons who call themselves “women” in a macho way are sexists (or is that now called sexist or sexism practitioner?).

But now the singer Adele also had to make this experience and endure a shitstorm because of her openly expressed sexuality. On the occasion of the award ceremony at the Brit Award, the British artist 1.) as a “woman”. In addition, as a self-confessed woman who commented on the gender-neutral award for “Artist of the Year” with the words “I love to be a woman“. And thus expressed himself clearly sexist, especially for the ranks of those who have not yet decided on a gender.
The 33-year-old, who also sees herself as an artist (female! she said it female!), was able to win the three most important prizes: In addition to the gender-neutral award for the non-binary “Artist of the Year”, her comeback single “Easy on Me” was also awarded “Song of the Year” and the associated album “30” as “Album of the Year”.

Non-/Binary People: Laughter Instead of Gender

The trigger for the comment, which is causing such excitement in the “Woke” community, is the awarding of the Brit Awards as a gender-neutral prize after a gender-indecisive artist got upset about the categorization into male and female winners of the awards: In 2021, the “non-binary” musician Sam Smith felt excluded from the male and female categories. The organizer of the awards then felt compelled to abolish the categories and only offer a common prize for all genders and gender-like persons (art figures, or whatever someone wants to be). Which, in turn, should not go down so well with the artists who have already decided to be man or woman (like Adele), as the price chances have at least been halved.

On the occasion of her acceptance speech at London’s O2 Arena, Adele commented in front of the cheering crowd on the name change, which she could understand but sexist “she still loves to be a woman and artist”. Thus she was suddenly declared a “TERF” (= trans-exclusionary radical feminist) trans-exclusionary radical feminist, as the FAZ 2.) reported.

Gender-traumatized Adele celebrated active repentance

As an active remorse, Adele then celebrated at the London gay club “Heaven” as part of a “G-A-Y Porn Idol” party where she typed pole dance. 3.). The fact that she nevertheless showed her barely covered secondary sexual characteristics is obviously a sign of the severe trauma she suffered as a binary TARF person at the award ceremony dominated by the non-binary, queer, LGTBQIA2S+ and BLM-Woken community.

Even a bear kid is not a “young lady”

The diplomatic correspondent of the editor-in-chief of the Tagesspiegel, Christoph von Marschall, also had to learn that “women” should not be described in this way, i.e. gender-specifically – and certainly not as a “young lady” – but gender-neutral as a “menstruating person”. He had actually referred to the German foreign minister, menstruating person in an article as a “young lady” and for this he negotiated the godly shitstorm of the woken sexism guards. But that’s another story (to be continued) – (Transdanubian)


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