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Viktor Orbán: “These days there is no such thing as a liberal democracy”

By Visegrad poss / UME

In an interview published on Wednesday 5 May by the conservative Slovak portal Denník Postoj  , the Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orbán referred to some of the events that affect relations between Hungary and the European Union – as well as between Fidesz and the EPP – have shaped in recent years.

“The Germans want to take in millions of Muslims, that’s their decision …”

Viktor Orbán explains about the 2015 migration crisis, in which Chancellor Angela Merkel practically opened the door to Germany while Hungary instead erected a fence on its border with Serbia:

“ If the Germans want to take in millions of Muslims and build a multicultural society, then that is their decision, their fate  […]  The Germans think when the original German society, which is already in the process of giving up Christian values, with millions of Muslims If migrants live together, they will mix together and form a new society  […]  In political terminology this is called an open society, and the Germans believe that. I don’t believe in it because I think it will create parallel societies that live side by side and that can cause major problems. I do not want such a development for my country.

“What do the Germans want? A German Europe or a European Germany? “

The Hungarian Prime Minister then went into the development of relations with the Bavarian Christian Democrat Manfred Weber, head of the German delegation in the EPP: “ Mr Weber insulted Hungary by publicly declaring that he did not want the Hungarian President of the European Commission to vote become. […]  What do the Germans want? A German Europe or a European Germany?  […]

If the Germans want a German Europe, that means that they also want to dictate to other nations what to do and how to live. This is what Manfred Weber is committed to. He wants to determine what is right with regard to migration, the family, and tax policy. He wants to tell us how we Hungarians should live.

In comparison with Helmut Kohl, who ” wanted a European Germany […]  not fought for hegemony but for pluralism  [and]  always recognized that even the smallest nations have the right to decide their own fate ” Angela Merkel, ” who is forced large coalitions to-perform ,” says Viktor Orbán that Helmut Kohl him in 1998 – had come as Viktor Orbán straight for the first time to power – had said:

“You were elected by the Hungarian voters, your responsibility rests primarily with the Hungarians, and don’t let anyone limit you.”

“We have to create a new political community that can influence Brussels”

Regarding his future plans after Fidesz left the EPP, the Hungarian head of government said: ” We now have to create a new political community that Brussels can influence, on which the Poles, Hungarians, Italians, Spaniards and many others are working .” he no longer excludes a collaboration with the Rassemblement National (RN) of Marine Le Pen: “ That option is in the air, ” he replies to a direct question from the Slovak journalist who is interviewing him.

“There is no such thing as a liberal democracy these days”

Viktor Orbán also explains his rejection of the proponents of the “liberal” ideology of political correctness: “ Nowadays there is no liberal democracy, there is a liberal non-democracy. There is liberalism, but no democracy.

The liberals want the hegemony of opinion. This is what political correctness is for, with which they try to stigmatize and disqualify conservatives and Christian Democrats.

I fight against the liberals for freedom. I am of freedom on the side and they are monie Opinion he-ge-on the side of . […]  I respect the West and take part in integration, but I have to say that the countries to the west of us have lost a lot of their attractiveness in the last few decades.

I do not want the Hungarian children to live in a country in twenty years’ time as many Western countries will be in this time.

Thirty years ago we did not know how the Muslim world in Europe would develop  […]  We do not want to leave the modern world, we are not anti-modernists and we understand that the world has to change. The question is, what do we want to carry over from the past into the future? From this point of view we have continuity. We want to preserve the freedom that is called national sovereignty at the national level and individual freedom at the individual level. We also stand under the conditions of the modern world.

Budapest does not want to patronize the Hungarians from Slovakia

When asked about the sensitive issue of the Hungarian minority in Slovakia, Viktor Orbán is very clear: “ It is in Budapest’s interest that Hungarians living in Slovakia can represent their own interests in Pressburg, and not that we in Budapest are obliged to to represent their interests in Pressburg. So if the Hungarian community in Slovakia is successful and can represent itself, it is better for the Slovaks and for us  […].

It is in the interest of Fidesz, which is a national party, that many Hungarian children are born in Slovakia too, that their mothers speak Hungarian to them, that they attend Hungarian schools, that no one hurts them when they speak Hungarian and that they have the freedom to be politically active. The form in which they do this is secondary. That is why we support cultural identity, not political interests. 

Poland is the flagship of the Visegrád group

On the subject of the Visegrad Group, the Hungarian Prime Minister stressed the importance of Poland: ” The flag-ship  [the Visegrad Group]  is Poland . Without Poland, the other countries in the region would not have enough weight. Should Poland leave the V4, Central Europe would lose its keel. Slovakia also has a key role to play  […]  The essence of the V4 is the ability to influence both the north and the south.

In the north you have Poland, in the south we have Hungary. The north must unite with the south, without you  [Slovaks]  we would be torn in two . “He also explains the question of the V4’s relations with Russia:” It is obvious that Poland needs security guarantees, it is a huge, flat one Area. Slovakia, Hungary and the Czech Republic are protected by the Carpathian Mountains, of course we also need guarantees, but we are not threatened by Russia as the Poles think. It is therefore necessary to combine the Polish demand for a guarantee of security with the requirements of cooperation with Russia.


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