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Viktor Orban: George Soros threatens Hungary and Poland

By: V4 Agency

All those who speak now are politicians corrupted by George Soros, Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orban said in an interview with the Hungarian public service radio on Friday.

Speaking about the summit, Viktor Orban said that George Soros has made threats against Hungary and Poland. The way to settle disputes in the EU is through negotiation, he stressed.

However, in his article published on Thursday, George Soros gave instructions to the Brussels elite and issued threats. The response, however, was calm, Mr Orban noted: it is up to the prime ministers to decide how to settle a debate.

The Hungarian prime minister said that disputes over the EU budget were not unprecedented. In his view, it is Soros’s allies who say that the very existence of the EU would be in peril without an agreement. Today, George Soros is the world’s most corrupt man, he stated.

“All those who speak out now are politicians corrupted by George Soros,” he pointed out.

Viktor Orban recalled that a wide range of aspects were included in the debate in June. The EU decided to launch a crisis management programme, which was then linked to the seven-year budget, and some countries wanted to include political aspects as well. This is what Brussels calls the “rule of law”, but it is simply a majority rule.

The Hungarian prime minister said that he was shocked to see how lies could be spread about Hungary in this unscrupulous way. However, this is not an uncommon phenomenon, he added.

Moreover, George Soros claimed that parliamentary elections had not been conducted through secret ballot in numerous villages in Hungary, the PM said.

“That indeed beats everything,” he stated.

There are intentions to create instruments which the Commission can use to intervene in Hungarian domestic politics with a majority decision.

“We’ve always resisted these attempts before, but we do not have a two-thirds majority, so they could also force migration on us,” he said.

He went on to say that the issue may seem to be related to the money, but this is not the case. The recovery fund is a loan: the EU is not just giving money away to poorer member states, but support would come in the form of a loan with a period of 30 years and it would have to be repaid. He said, Hungary would rather not partake in this, but it will concede because it does not want to leave certain other countries in trouble.

“Every development we have planned to do will materialise in the next 10 years, for we have the necessary funds available,” he declared.

He stated that the perception of Hungary’s economic standing is solid, even in the West, so we can obtain important resources.

In regards to the coronavirus epidemic, Viktor Orban asked everyone to follow the rules. He emphasized that each life matters.

“We will not give up on one single Hungarian,” he stressed.

Talking about the restrictive measures, he said there is as yet no evidence that the country is over the most difficult part.

A sample of the Russian vaccine arrived in Hungary yesterday. Regarding that shipment, the Hungarian prime minister stated that George Soros had called on the European authorities to investigate the fact that Hungary wants to buy a vaccine from outside the EU.

“Who is this man?” Orban asked.

The Prime Minister explained that although Hungary has secured 12 million vaccines from the West, it is not yet known when they will be available en masse. However, vaccines are also being produced elsewhere, and these, too are on order by the Hungarian government.

“And the Hungarian people will decide which vaccine to protect themselves with,” he said.


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