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Syrians make up largest group of foreign radical Islamists in Germany

By: V4 Agency

Syrian nationals make up the largest group of dangerous foreign-born Islamists in Germany, the federal government’s response to a question from an AfD (Alternative für Deutschland) MP revealed. Police information shows that many Syrian Islamists radicalised after having arrived in Germany.

In the data from 1 July 2021, a total of 330 individuals were on the radar of authorities for their religious fanaticism posing a threat to German society. In addition to German and dual citizens, radical Islamist nationals from Syria, Iraq, Russia and Turkey have been identified as potentially becoming perpetrators, the RND writes.

German police also found that most extreme Islamists of Syrian origin were not radicalised abroad but only after their arrival in Germany.

Experts say the reason for the post-arrival phenomenon in Germany is that migrants often become isolated in the foreign environment. In many cases, the problem involves having a different life in the country from what they had expected, and not being able to integrate or not being properly integrated into society.

Individuals who are believed to be politically motivated to commit violent acts, including terrorist attacks are classified as “potential threats” by the police. They are registered, may be monitored, and if necessary, their asylum status may be reviewed. The purpose of the surveillance is to ward off public danger or to initiate criminal proceedings, Stefan Goertz, a security researcher at the Federal University of Applied Administrative Sciences, wrote in his book “Terrorism Defense”.

In addition to persons of potential threat, the police also keep a watchful eye on the so-called “relevant individuals”. They are those who pose an indirect threat, either because they are involved in the preparation of criminal acts, or because they function as a leader of a group.

In Germany, threats of Islamist extremism are classified according to an RADAR-iTE system, developed scientifically for the federal government. This system serves as a guide to assess the level of Islamist threats in view of the potential risks involved. This tool has been in place since 2017. When police officers want to evaluate a particular individual, a number of different criteria are examined. For example, based on “violent behaviour”, “handling of weapons” or “psychological disorders”, officers should be able to assess threat levels, MDR.de reported.



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