PM Orban: Having bought many Western politicians, George Soros has huge clout in EU

Viktor Orban (Photo: V4 Agency)
Touching on a number of issues in his regular Friday morning radio interview, Viktor Orban said as long as George Soros has such a strong influence over the European Union, we must say the EU is corrupt. Speaking about Hungary’s pandemic defence and economic measures, the premier anticipated that the coronavirus vaccine should be available around May or June next year.

Regarding accusations of corruption, the prime minister said that if the left wing sees a dangerous man, they will try to hunt him down, and this is what’s also happening to him. They know what type of accusations they need to use against right-wing politicians, and people are receptive, Viktor Orban pointed out.

Hungary’s premier highlighted that the West also has its share of scandals, referring – as an example – to a German bank which is implicated in a huge, global money laundering scandal. That’s why he dislikes when Westerners try to portray themselves as perfect, suggesting on the other hand that Central Europeans are corrupt, Mr Orban said.

When we talk about corruption, a common denominator in these attacks is George Soros, who is buying up Western European politicians, Viktor Orban said. He wants to make money and gain influence, so he is buying people’s way into EU institutions, and so long as George Soros has this kind of clout in the EU, we must say that the European Union is corrupt.

Soros’s clout over the EU also manifests itself in the fact that he has called on EU leaders to proceed with a lawsuit against Hungary. Viktor Orban spoke of an ancient instinct still retained by the left, whereby they find pleasure in foreign attacks and when these attacks happen against their own kind, they tend to take the foreigners’ side and ally with them. This reflex is difficult to understand for right-wingers who harbour nationalist sentiments, the Hungarian prime minister said.

Prime Minister Viktor Orban also spoke about the country’s coronavirus defence and stressed that Hungarian doctors are among the best in the world in terms of medical know-how, which is why Hungary was amongst the countries boasting the most effective response during the first wave of the epidemic.

We are starting to leave the epidemic behind, but Hungarians must stay strong and endure until about June-July next year, the prime minister said, adding that based on his consultations with Ursula on der Leyen, he thinks that a vaccine will not be available before next summer. What matters now – and this is what will count as a victory – is for healthcare workers to withstand the pressure until the vaccine arrives. If Hungary was able to win during the first wave, it will also prevail during the second, Viktor Orban said, adding that there will likely be no further restrictions in the next three weeks.

Concerning the recently announced wage hike for Hungarian doctors, the prime minister stressed that physicians and healthcare workers had not just complained about their low salaries, but also about the disorganised state of the country’s healthcare system. The government also wants to address this issue, he added.

The prime minister also said that the country’s defence against the pandemic’s adverse economic effect is focused on investments and job protection, which is why the government has decided to reintroduce a decreased 5% VAT rate on the construction of new apartments, which is among the most important incentives of family-centred investment projects – that is, the building of new flats and the renovation of existing ones. Further economy protection measures are also expected, Viktor Orban said.