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PM Morawiecki: We’ve set strict limits for the Commission

By: V4 Agency

The European Council’s decision was a clear expression of political will in the EU, Mateusz Morawiecki said. The prime minister talked about the limitations of the European Commission and described accusations against Viktor Orban with regard to the veto as absurd.

“Together, the heads of government and the Commission have set strict limits on the work of the Commission,” PM Mateusz Morawiecki told Polish Press Agency (PAP) in a recent interview.

In response to a question on whether this decision could prevent further blackmail against Poland, PM Morawiecki pointed out that the Council’s conclusions reflect the general political will of the European Union, and that the agreement is therefore somewhere below primary legislation and treaties, but above secondary legislation. He also explained that the significance of the decision lies in the fact that the rule of law mechanism was based on an uncertain concept of uncertain regulation. “General anomalies and mistakes should not be a reason to deploy the mechanism. The application needs to be linked to something specific, such as corruption,” the Polish premier said.

Mr Morawiecki also stressed that they have several weeks of tough negotiations behind them, which has caused plenty of concern. He pointed out that the defeat was always a possibility, but an agreement was reached before the summit. “The atmosphere was very tense, and sometimes we felt like 27 axes were hanging in the air. But we’ve found a solution,” he said.

Responding to a question by Poland’s state news agency (PAP), Mr Morawiecki also touched on a theory which suggests that Viktor Orban had agreed to this compromise, because a “guilty verdict” by the European Court of Justice was only expected after the Hungarian elections. “This is completely absurd,” Morawiecki said, adding that guessing the date of the court’s ruling is impossible, just like guessing the numbers at the lottery. “I reject these statements. They have nothing to do with reality,” he declared, adding that “fighting alongside someone like Viktor Orban is a great honour. We are much more efficient together, which is cause for extraordinary satisfaction.”


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