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Pau instead of Hess: Once a high SED nomenclature cadre now heads the Interior Committee of the Bundestag

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In recent days, the newly elected Bundestag has shown right at the beginning of its work that it seems to think as little of democracy and the will of the electorate as the last composition of parliament. This is particularly evident in the installation of the chair posts in the committees.
By DAVID BERGER | All of the AfD’s chairmanships in the parliamentary committees for the interior, health and development aid due to its election results are simply not to be conceded to their representatives.

Without further ado, Petra Pau of the SED successor organization “Die Linke” decided to take over the chairmanship of the important Interior Committee and promised to exercise it “completely non-partisan”. Actually, according to the Bundestag election result, this post would be due to Martin Hess of the AfD, an impeccable police officer from Baden-Württemberg, who already did valuable parliamentary work in the last legislative period. Characteristic of his clear, incorruptible gaze is, for example, what he tweeted about the new interior minister today:

Obituary for the GDR state security guard Markus Wolf

We quote here three voices that characterize very well what is happening here:

© Thomas Birkenbach

Erika Steinbach, who sat in the Bundestag for the Union for many years, said: “Instead of Martin Hess of the AfD, 27 years of impeccable police officers in Baden-Württemberg, the committed leftist Petra Pau now heads the Interior Committee on an interim basis.

Obviously, you have no problem with that. A woman who published a obituary for the GDR state security guard Markus Wolf. I am now stunned by what is happening in Germany and with this country.”

Angelika Barbe

And Angelika Barbe, co-founder of the GDR-SPD and resistance fighter against both the GDR and the GDR 2.0:

“All “cartel parties” (Meir/Katz) have managed to eliminate the only opposition party in parliament and prevent any committee chairmanship of the AFD. To this end, the criminal party SED under the guise of the Left party has power again and heads the Interior Committee through Petra Pau. She was not a harmless teacher, as she would have us believe, but a high SED and FDJ nomenclature cadre and responsible for the militarization in kindergarten and school in the FDJ Central Council. Kitas had an annual budget to purchase war toys. Pau’s tasks also included the annual “Pioneer Maneuver Snowflake”, which children had to complete in primary school. Even first graders had to shoot at the evil class enemy with dummy grenades.”

And Reinhard Rupsch notes: “An AfD member who has served as a police officer for the general public for 27 years is rejected, but a communist who has campaigned for “mass against class” and the torching of luxury limousines is elected head of the interior committee. Germany, mad fatherland!”

Pau himself surprises how far we are already

Petra Pau herself is surprised by this honour:

“I would never have dared to dream that I would ever become the senior president and be given the chairmanship of the committee,” she told the media.

Neither did I a few years ago, but in view of the rapidly advancing transformation of a democratically constituted constitutional state into a totalitarian democracy, this kind of “election” is only conclusive.


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