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Saturday, June 3, 2023

Migrant breaks off the cross from the statute in the middle of Belgrade

By A.S.

Since Europe opened its doors to mass migrations there has been a growing number of attacks on churches, chapels, and Christian monuments. While this kind of vandalism is more often happening in Western Europe, other countries are not spared from such attacks, as we could see this Saturday when a migrant vandalized a statue in the middle of Belgrade.

At around 4 p.m. an unknown person, who turned up to be a migrant from Afghanistan, vandalized a monument of a Serbian prince Stefan Nemanja from the 12th century, which was erected in January. In the middle of the afternoon, the migrant broke off a part of the cross, which is a part of the decoration of the statue. When the passersby angrily confronted him, he got scared and escaped.

Later, the police officers found him and established that he is a 27-years old citizen of Afghanistan, who has exceeded his stay in Serbia. He was also carrying a small amount of marihuana. He is in custody and waiting to appear before the judge.


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