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Friday, March 31, 2023

Leftists went crazy over racist graffiti on campus, then fell silent when police discovered the perpetrator was a black student

By: Janja Strah

Inscriptions appeared on the walls of a dormitory in Albion, Michigan, on Good Friday that leftists and other progressives called racist. More than 450 students then walked around the student campus from Monday to Wednesday and protested until a 21-year-old black student admitted that the racist slogans were written by him.

An example from a student campus in Michigan, USA is a textbook example of leftists provoking an incident themselves and then protesting about it.

On Good Friday, signs appeared on the walls of a dormitory in Albion, Michigan, such as “Die Nigger, please” or “KKK – White Power.” The leftists in the camp went completely crazy, and the red light “Woke” turned on. More than 450 students and staff then marched across campus on Monday to protest the act and boycott the school, WWMT-TV reported.

“You are nothing but a coward, you have no place here, you are not welcome,” student Domonic McDonald told the alleged racist, according to television reports. “I will pray for you. You have to be better.”

Jayson Sawyer told WWMT that if the campus administration does not listen to the protesting students, they will file a lawsuit against the board for discrimination.

On Tuesday, Robert Dunklin, president of the NAACP branch for Albion, condemned the graffiti: “This is not acceptable in this community. Whoever he is, it is best for him to come forward.” The matter went so far that they offered a $1,000 prize on campus for information to help find the graffiti writer.

The loop around the perpetrator narrowed, then a shock. Oops!

A black student turned out to be responsible for the racist graffiti, MLive reported. Albion police brought in a 21-year-old black man for questioning as early as Tuesday night, who admitted to writing most of the graffiti.

Even the leftists switched the topic. Albion’s leadership said it was an act of a “lone wolf”, and not an organised action.


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