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Friday, September 29, 2023

Is Europe ready for the next migration onslaught?


With the Victory of the Taliban in Afghanistan, the worst is likely to be imminent.

Roger Nordmann, President of the Socialist Group in the Swiss Federal Assembly, has already sounded the alarm: we must be prepared for the admission of new refugees. In addition to the people who are already coming from the African continent, etc., we need to be prepared to take in new refugees. In addition to the non-deportable and unfit persons.

Of Afghanistan’s 37,500,000 inhabitants, about 3 million Afghans were already living as refugees in Pakistan and Iran before the taliban finally conquered it.

The fertility rate in Afghanistan is 5.3 children per woman, making it the highest in Asia.

The U.S. has spent $88 billion over 20 years training the Afghan army. They withdrew after 20 years – the Afghan army collapsed within a month. The Taliban have just taken the Royal Palace in the capital Kabul…


Top 10 countries with the most illiterate people in the world, from which Europe already takes in refugees every year

Approximate illiteracy rate:

10th place: Niger: 54% 9th place: Gambia:
63.5% 8th place: Sierra Leone:
67% 7th place: Mauritania: 70%
6th place: Ethiopia: 72%
5th place: Benin: 73%

4th place: Senegal: 77%
3rd place: Burkina Faso: 78% 2nd place: Guinea-Bissau: 80% 1st place: Afghanistan: 83%

Source: Fdesouche


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