Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orban: Life can restart gradually, under strict schedule

Prime Minister Viktor Orban (photo: arhiv Demokracije)

First phase of coronavirus protection efforts ends at the end of next week, instead of curfew restrictions, the government will create new rules and life can restart gradually, Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orban said in an interview with Hungarian public media on Friday, the V4 news agency reported.


In the first phase, Hungary has been prepared for the worst case scenario. In the second phase, gradually, under strict schedule, life can restart in the country, Viktor Orban explained. He emphasized: on the condition that the most vulnerable people, the elderly, those with medical conditions and big city residents can be protected. For them, special rules must be created. The elaboration of these is full steam ahead, the premier added.

In the present situation, the government has a responsibility to ensure not having to give up on the life of any ill person, the PM pointed out. Several countries had to decide against saving the lives of certain people due to a shortage of hospital beds and ventilators, he added. 

If we do not want to live locked up in bunkers, we have two possibilities to choose from. If we manage to restart life, it may bring surprises. If the virus broke loose, tens of thousands of hospital beds and thousands of ventilators would be needed.” This is the worst case scenario and we had to gain time to prepare for it. “We managed to flatten the curve of the epidemic which we did to provide time for healthcare institutions to prepare. We will not give up on the life of any Hungarian person,” he stated.