40,000 Whiskey Barrels Ablaze As Fire Rages Through Jim Beam’s Kentucky Warehouses

(Photo by Instagram)

In news that nobody wants to hear heading into an American holiday, a Jim Beam warehouse caught fire late on Tuesday, with alcohol fueling the flames and 40,000 barrels of whiskey possibly lost, according to CNN.

The warehouse was in Versailles, Kentucky and caught fire around 11:30 PM Tuesday night. 40 firefighters from five counties responded and a second warehouse also caught fire, but was later contained.

The initial warehouse has collapsed. It had held approximately 40,000 barrels of spirits and Woodford County Emergency Management Chief Drew Chandler called the warehouses “massive”, describing them as the same area as a football field, but 6 to 7 stories high.

Authorities think that lightning in the area on Tuesday could be responsible for the blaze.

Chandler had said the fire was too big and too hard to get an investigator near it, and the flames continued on Wednesday.