Mueller report spells out Russia-related charges for WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange

(Photo by Instagram)

Special counsel Robert Mueller’s report specifically implicates WikiLeaks‘ founder

the now-jailed Julian Assange,in the direct cybertransfers of stolen Democratic Party documents from hackers in Russian military intelligence to his anti-secrecy group.

Mr. Mueller brought an indictment in July against Moscow’s elite cyberwarriors who conspired with WikiLeaks, but the federal prosecutor didn’t call out Mr. Assange by name and identified his operation only as “Organization One.”

Mr. Assange repeatedly denied receiving thousands of emails from Russia and suggested his source was a Democratic insider. The Mueller report accused him of lying by using such words as “dissembling” and “implied falsely.”

It remains to be seen whether Mr. Mueller’s implication of Mr. Assange is a sign that the Justice Department will bring Russia-related charges against the Australian computer programmer.