Top 5 ways Hitler’s Brownshirts actions are reflected in today’s political environment

(Photo by NewsTarget)

There is something extremely ironic about liberals who infiltrate Trump rallies while simultaneously comparing the President to Adolph Hitler.

The truth is, while the Nazi regime was far more violent and strictly evil, many of the tactics used by Hitler’s “Brownshirts” closely resemble the tactics of modern day progressives, anti-Trump protestors, and social justice warriors on college campuses.

The term “Brownshirt” refers to someone who would censor and often physically assault members of opposing parties in the name of Adolph Hitler.

In addition to inciting violence, the Brownshirts would also provide protection, like bodyguards, for Nazi meetings and rallies.

But even though Hitler has been gone for over 70 years since his death in 1945, his violent tactics and strategies are still very much alive.

Here are five ways Hitler’s Brownshirt actions are resembled in today’s political environment.