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Swedish Police to Operate Around-The-Clock Drones to Fight Rising Gang Crime

Police in the Swedish multicultural city of Malmö have announced a new operation which will see drones equipped with cameras that can surveil areas around the clock to watch for crime.

The plan, which is labelled special operation Rimfrost, is set to last from December 10th to March 8th of next year and will see drones with cameras, called unmanned aerial systems (UAS), patrol areas where drug trafficking and gang-related crime are common, according to a police press release

The police state that the operation has four main goals: to reduce the number of fires and explosions; to get gang members off the streets through increased prosecution; to increase the number of firearms and explosives seizures; and to increase safety among the general public.

Michael Mattsson, deputy head of command for Rimfrost, said the new measures will help prevent and stop crime.

He added: “We will use UAS with cameras when the need so requires in the coming months. They are a good complement to foot patrolling and other security-creating measures.”






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