Swedish Teen ‘Hassan’ Suspected of 221 Crimes in Four Years

(Photo by Instagram)

A Swedish 19-year-old is suspected of being involved in 221 crimes over a four-year period, with his criminal career starting at the age of just 12.

Identified in local media reports as Hassan, the criminal male is currently in prison serving a two-year sentence for robbery, among other charges and participated in an interview to speak about his experiences growing up in the Stockholm criminal scene, Swedish broadcaster SVT reports. 

According to the teen, he started stealing bicycles at nine or ten years old but then noted: “Over the years, it has escalated. But I was placed in a youth home, or SiS home [a home for youths showing criminal behaviour], where I met other criminals.

Then they became my role models and I wanted to be like them.”

At age 12, Hassan’s mother reported to social services that she suspected he may be part of a criminal gang.