Swedish Police Secretly Arresting and Deporting Foreign Extremists

(Photo by Instagram)

The Swedish security police (Säpo) have used a recently passed law to secretly arrest and deport a number of foreign extremists, according to a report.

Säpo has allegedly kept foreign extremists from both the radical Islamist scene and the far-right neo-Nazi scene in prison for months before putting them on flights back to their home countries under a veil of secrecy, Swedish newspaper Aftonbladet reports. 

The secret deportations fall under the scope of the Act on Special Alien Control (LSU) which allows the security police to expel any foreigner deemed to be a national security threat or if it is feared they may take part in terrorist activity.

A source close to the deportations spoke to Aftonbladet saying: “During the spring, several people who have been classified as extremists left the country completely under the radar.”

The paper examined three such expulsions done under the LSU including a 39-year-old citizen of both Italy and Ukraine, a neo-Nazi, who was suspected of war crimes, genocide, and other crimes against humanity.