Multicultural Malmö Sees Three Explosions Within 24 Hours

(Photo by Instagram)

The southern Swedish city of Malmö saw three explosions within a 24-hour period this week with multiple venues targetted including a residential area and a nightclub.

The first explosion took place at around 2 am in the notorious suburb of Rosengård, which has been described as a no-go area in the past, and saw the blast shatter several windows in a multi-family home, Nyheter Idag reports.

The following explosion occurred only an hour after the first and took place near a local nightclub in the centre of the city with witnesses claiming to have heard a loud bang with several shops around the area were damaged.

The next explosion took place the following day, again in the troubled suburb of Rosengård, with another residential area affected by the blast that took place in the early hours of Wednesday morning.

“The entire gate is destroyed right up to the lift. There are glass pieces and metal pieces that made holes in the lift five metres away,” a witness said.