Politician Tells Germans to ‘Follow Rules’ to Avoid Being Pushed Onto Tracks

(Photo by Instagram)

A German politician has recommended train riders ‘follow the rules’ and obey caution signs and markings in order to avoid being pushed into the path of incoming trains amid multiple such incidents.

Valerie Wilms, a representative of the Green party in the Bundestag until 2017, posted a statement she issued to Bild newspaper in response to the suspected killing of a young boy by an African migrant at Frankfurt main station last week.

“As in road traffic, the necessary care must be taken when using railway facilities. This also includes not entering the track area,” Wilms said. “This usually works, because we learned from an early age how to deal with the dangers of traffic.”

“In order to make the danger area of the tracks visible to everyone, including people with disabilities, the danger areas on the platforms today are clearly marked with markings. This marking is also clearly perceptible for visually impaired persons. If everyone follows the rules, these measures are sufficient for safe use of the platforms.”