Generation Identity launches a new mission against illegal migrations in the Pyrenees


By A.S.

French Generation Identity has launched a new action against illegal migrations and possible terrorist threats in the Pyrenees Mountains, which borders France and Spain. About thirty people in jeeps with “Defend Europe” slogans are watching the mountain pass Col du Portillon.

After the “Defend Europe missions in the Mediterranean Sea in 2017, and in the Alps in 2018, the Generation Identity is launching another mission in the Pyrenees. The goal is to monitor and stop any illegal migrants trying to sneak into France from Spain and to notify the police if such cases of illegal border crossings are discovered.

According to the website of the French Generation Identity, the “Defend Europe” teams have been dispatched in order to protect France. The teams are currently monitoring the possible crossings near Spain. As the identitarians stated, in case of illegal crossings they will immediately contact the police so that the illegal migrants are apprehended and deported.  The identitarians are also using drones to cover as much territory as possible.

This new mission was launched after the authorities of the Haute-Garonne department in the region of Southwestern France decided to temporarily close the Col du Portillion pass on the Franco-Spanish border, on January 5, due to “terrorist threats that remain high on the national level”, and due to “movements of migrants”.