Church in Sweden attacked with Molotov cocktails

Spanga Church (Photo: Wikimedia)

By A.S.

A church in Stockholm was recently firebombed, as three Molotov cocktails were thrown at the church according to the Swedish newspaper Dagen. So far, no one has been arrested, but due to the fact that the church itself is located in a largely Muslim-populated Stockholm suburb Tensta, it was probably another result of the “multiculturalization” of Swedish society.

Spånga Church from the 12th century is one of the oldest Churches in Stockholm. It is located in Tensta and flanked by Rinkeby suburb, which is “vulnerable” according to the authorities, known for violent crime and Muslim extremism. The church was attacked by strangers who threw three Molotov cocktails in the old church.  One was thrown at the gate, while two were thrown into the windows, which were smashed. But the attackers did not succeed in setting the old building on fire as the flames did not catch on in the interior.

The police have closed the area for a technical investigation, and the crime was classified as arson. No one has been arrested yet. Pastor Jerker Alsterlund told the media that it was a “symbolic act”, and added that it may be a “provocation”.

The church in question was subjected to violent attacks before. In December 2018, an explosive device was detonated inside the Church, and no one was convicted for that crime. Jerker Alsterlund said that “this time it is worse when it is so clearly directed at the church” while calling the bombing attempt an »experiment«.

Such attacks on churches are becoming frequent in Sweden, as the Muslim migrant population continues to grow in that country.