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BLM makes new demands, but gets banned from Olympics

By V4 Agency

The radical Black Lives Matter movement has published new demands in the US. Among other things, they want to have more than half of Republican representatives expelled from Congress. Meanwhile, the International Olympic Committee has decided that athletes may not wear clothing with the motto “Black Lives Matter” at the Tokyo Olympics.

The Black Lives Matter movement has published a list of several demands on its website. The radical, subversive organisation demands, among other things, that the US Congress convict and ban Donald Trump from future political office. In their second point, they call for the expulsion of more than half of the Republican representatives of Congress. They also want to have Mr Trump permanently baned from all digital media platforms, and defunding police is also on their list, as usual.

While BLM has drawn up a list of demands, the International Olympic Committee (IOC) made the decision that athletes will not be allowed to wear clothing with the slogan “Black Lives Matter” at the Tokyo Olympic Games. With the move, IOC decision-makers want to enforce Rule 50, which bans political or social justice protests of any kind at the international event.

IOC Rule 50 states that:”No kind of demonstration or political, religious or racial propaganda is permitted in any Olympic sites, venues or other areas”. After consultation with athletes, the IOC has come to the conclusion that this rule should continue to apply and no change to the rule is required.

In line with the rule, IOC has also decided to ban athletes from protesting by kneeling or raising a fist at the Tokyo Olympics. Breach of the rule will result in swift punishment.


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