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Sunday, October 1, 2023

Black foster parent and winner of a TV show murders her adopted white three-year old child

By A.S.

A former winner of the Food Network`s »Worst Cook in America« TV show, Ariel Robinson, known as Ari, a black retired teacher who wanted to become a stand-up comedian, was recently arrested and charged with the murder of her white foster child Victoria Rose Smith, who was found dead at her home on January 14.

Ariel Robinson and her husband Jerry Robinson were both taken into custody in their hometown Simpsonville in South Carolina, U.S.A.

Former Worst Cooks in America champion and South Carolinian Ariel Robinson has been charged with the murder of one of her three foster children. After the filming of the season of the “Worst Cook in America”, in which Ariel won 25,000 dollars and became famous on social networks, she and her husband decided to adopt three foster children. Ariel would often post photos of her and the foster children, and wrote about the positive effects of adoption, but beneath the photos of her hugging the smiling children, there was hidden a darker reality.

One of their foster children, a 3-year old Victoria Rose Smith, was found dead in their home on January 14. Death was caused by multiple blunt force blows to the head and the body of the child. Ariel and Jerry Robinson were both arrested, and the authorities believe that they are the murderers of the 3-year old child.


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