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Battle to provide medical care for babies born alive in abortions continues

By: V4 Agency

Children born alive because of abortions are not afforded life-saving medical help, but are left to die. A politician has recently submitted a bill, encouraging doctors to provide similar life-sustaining medical assistance to these babies than to their intended, unaborted counterparts.

Apparently, an increasing number of people are fighting for the rights of unborn babies, challenging a growing abortion industry, as well as the radical abortion laws. MP George Christensen recently introduced a bill to ensure that babies surviving an abortion receive the medical care they need, just like their non-aborted peers.

According to current practice, doctors in many cases do not provide medical assistance to live-born babies resulting from an abortion, but leave them there to die.

The practice was reported by the Australian politician in his parliamentary speech. Christensen says several babies in Australia are born as a result of botched abortions and are left to die, which he says is “in violation of our humanity.” The politician also spoke of a recent testimony by a midwife, who was present at the birth of a child following abortion. The midwife was asked to take a photo of the child for medical records when the baby began breathing.

However, the child received no medical treatment but was left to die, Christensen said. The politician believes that “this happens in hospitals and abortion clinics across this country on more of a regular basis than we would like to think, and what the abortionists would like to admit.” It was precisely in response to this that the politician introduced a bill that would oblige doctors to provide “babies born alive as a result of abortions” the same medical care as any other infant.

The proposed legislation makes it an offence not to provide life-saving treatment, meaning health practitioners and medical companies can be fined over 300,000 dollars.

MP Carla Lockhart has also submitted a parliamentary motion in the UK for the protection of unborn children. The lawmaker called on the government to make it compulsory for babies in the womb to be given painkillers before they are subjected to some invasive procedure, such as abortion.

Pain relief should be administered from at least 12 weeks of gestation onwards, by which time babies have been shown to feel pain. Currently, abortion is legal in the country up until 24 weeks, but if the foetus has a proven severe disability, the pregnancy can be terminated up until birth. This clause is exploited by many in the UK, and babies with Down’s syndrome or other birth defects like cleft palate are also often aborted.

Increasingly, reasons for aborting need not even be given. Many abortion laws introduced around the world allow for the termination of pregnancy even at the time of delivery, without a question asked.

However, many states are trying to step up against these extremely liberal and radical abortion laws. In South Carolina the house of representatives recently passed the so-called Fetal Heartbeat and Protection from Abortion Act, which requires doctors to perform ultrasounds on pregnant mothers seeking an abortion to check if the baby has a heartbeat. If heartbeat is detected in the embryo, the abortion cannot be performed.

Megvétózhatná az apuka a terhesség megszakítását
Fathers to have veto power over termination of pregnancy

A biological father should have the right to stop a woman pregnant with his child from getting an abortion and a bill proposed by conservative politicians seeks to give them this option.

Tennessee already introduced the same legislation last year. The state’s pepresentatives have recently proposed a new law to give fathers a say in the abortion process, and the right to veto the woman’s decision on terminating the pregnancy.


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