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Sunday, December 3, 2023

Atheists rattled by children’s show discussing God

By: V4 Agency

Apparently, a TV show about vegetables has many atheist parents outraged. One parent described the show as an “insidious mind virus”, while another seems to have noticed “the subtle Christian brainwashing” to which he has not paid heed before.

The outraged atheists were discovered by a journalist working for the Not the Bee portal, who displayed many of their comments. The parents typically complained about the tales being “overtly Christian” and that they “teach” kids about God. One concerned father said he almost erased VeggieTales from his daughter’s queue, adding that he was less than happy to hear that his daughter learned about God from the cartoon. That’s when he decided to change the show.

Forrás: Not the Bee
Forrás: Not the Bee

Another parent appeared remorseful for not paying more attention to what his child was watching. Yet another complained that his child was watching a religious show. He even asked how other parents keep this “insidious mind virus” (referring to VeggieTales) away from their kids. He also asked other users if they have any tips on how to create a safe Netflix live queue for kids.

Forrás: Not the Bee
Forrás: Not the Bee

Interestingly enough, none of these mindful parents has ever complained about tales – for instance the Barbie doll stories or certain Disney productions – promoting gender ideology or transgenderism. Christianity, however, or tales teaching kids about God appaer to exceed their tolerance threshold.

One Reddit user described VeggieTales as a means of Christian brainwashing, citing a song about a cheeseburger as an example. “As a kid I thought this song from Veggie Tales was a whimsical tune, but rewatching years later I can see the subtle Christian brainwashing/undertones in a song about a silly cheeseburger,” the user wrote.



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