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Friday, June 9, 2023

Anti–Defamation League calls for a criminal investigation into Gab social media platform

By A.S.

The Anti – Defamation League, a Jewish organization whose main goal is “combating hate and anti-Semitism” has called on the U.S. Department of Justice and the FBI to start an investigation regarding the social media platform Gab, and its CEO, Andrew Torba, to determine if the social media aided or abetted some of the protestors who stormed the United States Capitol on 6th of January. 

Gab is a platform dedicated to free speech, which saw a rise in its users after Twitter and Facebook deleted Trump´s account, and censored or deleted many other accounts. Gab has become a safe haven online for those who are deemed “politically incorrect”.

In an open letter, the ADL called for the criminal investigation of Gab and its CEO and presented what they claim might be possible evidence for their accusations against the social media platform. Among the list of actions that occurred on the Gab platform before, during, and after the protests of the Trump supporters was included a message from the CEO Andrew Torba, who stated that the protesters can use Gab to provide uncensored footage from events on January 6.

“In addition to holding individuals who broke the law accountable, the authorities must fully determine whether social media platforms, particularly Gab, bear a measure of responsibility for the attack as well”, said the ADL leader Jonathan Greenblatt. The ADL is generally known to push for stricter rules on social media, and for censorship of the so-called “hate speech” online, or otherwise.


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