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The rage of cyclists on Kredarica started opening the cracks on the left is even more

By: Domen Mezeg / Nova24tv

“I was uncomfortable watching the video from Kredarica. All of us who disagree with this government, let’s show it differently. Janša sows hatred and therefore cannot be a victim. We can get Slovenia back on track, but remain respectful. Because we do not want to become the same,” SD champion Tanja Fajon reacted critically to the recent primitive outburst of Tea Jarc under Triglav, thus wishing the disapproval of both Jarc and Marjan Šarec. As it seems, some in the formal and informal political opposition (what the Mladi Plus union is) are convinced that they must persevere and support each other “for better or for worse”, despite all the painful, dramatic separations from the past, even though they have become disgusted of each other long time ago. The event on Kredarica and the events after thus further affected the relations on the left, which were already known to be not the best. And they are supposed to lead the new government?

LMŠ champion Marjan Šarec, who a year and a half ago gave up the “marriage yoke” with Tanja Fajon, now points his finger at her and exposes her infidelity, saying that he has been “silent for the sake of unity”, thus acting like an old offended spouse who is aware of the fact that the LMŠ party is already on the death stage, and the SD or Fajon’s party will get a new, more passionate partner (read “new face”), who may even persist in “happiness and misfortune” until the end (read until regular elections). Now, however, Šarec claims that he was just a “doormat” all the time, thus not missing the opportunity to be wisely quiet.

It really does not make sense Marjan, what was, was. Or if we end the thought with your words: “If you go on one road, but it is closed, you go on another.” But maybe it is time for someone to realise that the door to politics is closed and that the theatre stage is calling again. Because Marjan knows, if he wants to, in addition to the offended old spouse, he can also play a political analyst, confessor (pastor), and constitutional judge in the same breath, he really is a talent: “So far, for the sake of the unity of the opposition, I have often been silent, because I know that we need to connect. This time, however, I give a separate opinion. With the competition, who will condemn Tea Jarc more, only Janez Janša and satellites win. For 70 Fridays she has been trying the same. The sin brought from the valley is no less in the mountains.”

Of course, Jarc herself, to whom this whole theatre refers, also came forward, and who always gives the impression of a permissively brought up “brat” who yells at the elderly, jumps on tables, teases when something is not to her liking, insults, and leaves trash behind. Jarc: “Perhaps you were also uncomfortable when you saw that I was actually hit by someone because I was expressing my opinion, Tanja Fajon? Is this acceptable to you or do you not find it worth mentioning to the SD Women’s Forum? An interesting position. I ask with absolute respect.” Tea, of course, it was not just about “expressing an opinion”, but about deliberately provoking and trying to get a reaction, during which you embarrassed yourself a lot, which of course you do not want to admit.

And they would lead a new government?

The event on Kredarica and all the events after thus additionally started to eat away relations on the left, which were already known to be not the best. Recently, Šarec’s government fell apart due to incompatibility and inability to cooperate. This time, it went so far that the actors on the left did not remain silent and further revealed that participation in the new left wing government would not be possible. With their problems, we would again lose precious years of development to show once again that they are incapable of working together for the benefit of the state and the citizens.


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