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The mainstream media invents so that the KUL members can then make claims for the media – and the circle is closed!

By: Sara Bertoncelj /Nova24tv

In the left opposition, they are talking to themselves again. Yesterday, the portal 24ur.com created a misleading article, saying that the SDS party is supposedly encouraging a civil war – just so that the leader of the SD party could convene a statement for the media today on the draft of the SDS resolution and other current political issues. Apparently, they found that the principle of exporting and importing conscience abroad and back home works, so why not apply the matter to the domestic majority media – KUL coalition – media. In a statement for the media, Tanja Fajon pointed out that it is very worrying that Prime Minister Janez Janša is planning the future of our country. She finds the motion for a resolution for the June SDS Congress absurd, dangerous, and worrying – also because Janša, 30 years after independence, warns of an authoritarian regime and the fall of democracy.

“The SDS does not warn against the civil war, but threatens with it to legitimise the repression of dissidents in advance. There is only one option: that is peace. There is only one strategy: that is cooperation. There is only one solution for Slovenia: that is preliminary election,” wrote Tanja Fajon, the leader of the SD party. Yesterday, the 24ur.com portal produced an article with the manipulative title “SDS on the resumption of the civil war”. The content of the article reported that the SDS party had sent draft resolutions to all municipal and city committees before the upcoming party congress. One of the resolutions is new, they wrote, namely “for the defence of the constitutional foundations of the Slovenian state”. “They point out the advantage of the SDS party, the danger of the Levica party, extremists, leftists and the deep state, and the preparation for the defence of the legal order: “The recent ‘burning’ of parliamentary seats in front of the parliament heralds a fatal escalation of the situation, which could lead to the resumption of the civil war,” they interpreted the resolution in favour of the left.

Of course, the SDS party does not threaten with a civil war, the truth is completely different, “the SDS party in its resolution warns of the danger of repeating history, which has already brought this nation a lot of misery and warns of the necessary caution,” commented sociologist Dr Borut Rončević. At the SD, led by Tanja Fajon, we are witnessing incitement, which is far from the serious attitude that prevails in successful European democracies. According to the historian Dr Stane Granda, their political strategy is only to verbally incite hatred and sow fear and influence the lowest emotions. “In the second half of the year, extremists have proved that nothing is sacred to them, neither laws, nor rules, nor homeland, nor people’s health,” reads the draft of the resolution For the Defence of the Constitutional Foundations of the Slovenian State, and further: “We are experiencing street violence carried out with the support of left wing political forces by extremists, often associated with foreign networks and movements (Antifa, BLM, Woke-ism, etc.). The anti-democratic reflex was most evident years ago in the context of so-called popular uprisings marked by violence. They uncompromisingly attacked police officers, public institutions, journalists, even paramedics, hung dolls of politicians, threatened them at home, spread threats such as “death to Janša”, “death to Janšism”, “politicians to Barbarin rov” … Red stars and inscriptions on banners such as “elections bring only the same faces” and that “Hitler was also elected” clearly show that democratic elections are not a goal or a value for them at all.” Thus, the draft of the resolution, which also contains criticisms of the undemocratic and totalitarian goals of the Levica party, draws attention to the unusual developments of recent years. In response, the Levica party stated, among other things, that they were not afraid of intimidation of the SDS and that they would do everything to remove it from power as soon as possible through the elections. As already mentioned, Fajon said on Twitter that the SDS was not warning against the civil war, but was threatening with it.

“And the key fact in the Slovenian case is the entry of the extreme political party Levica into the National Assembly in 2014. Since then, the democratic situation has only worsened. This is a party that lives for the totalitarian past and draws from it. In ideas, ideology, way of working, and speech or slang, it is always reminiscent of the typical Kardelj position from the previous regime. Some time ago, the political platform Socialism of the 21st Century came to light, which is essentially a summary of the programme from the website of the Levica party. When you read this, you get the feeling as if a ‘zombie’ has spoken after many decades. The problem would be marginal if it did not enjoy such strong support on the wider left.”

“So what does the Levica party programme offer? First, the abolition of modern politics, including parliamentary democracy, which every four years only allows people to choose their own master. They would reintroduce the delegate system and forms of direct democracy! Instead of the market, private property, and private initiatives they want to introduce an eco-socialist economy based on workers’ governance, social property (state property), and democratic planning (planned economy). Companies would be nationalised and workers’, farmers’ and consumers’ cooperatives would be established. The collective is above the individual, so we can only imagine what it would be like with human rights and fundamental freedoms. They do not see a peace and development project in the EU, but ‘the most developed example of ortho-liberal principles in practice and a practical demonstration of their harmful effects’. It is therefore a radical transformation of the entire social structure, a coup! All this has already been seen and experienced in the previous regime. The younger generations do not know this, so we are obliged to warn them. However, it is true that this is the first programme of a political party or movement that is in direct conflict with the constitutional order of the Republic of Slovenia. In this sense, we Democrats expect the appropriate response from state institutions.”

The draft of the congress resolution of the SDS party also includes a section on the trade union allies of the left and SD: “At the same time, the old regime unions were activated so that the front would be perfect in overthrowing the democratically elected government, democracy and in establishing a new social order. The provable fact that the current government is one of the most socially oriented in recent Slovenian history does not help. Extremists and union elites, regardless of facts and trends, want to portray things as if a turnaround must happen immediately. It would be a real disaster for the regimes that are already in the dustbin of history to come back to life in our homeland. It is a terrible thought that some self-proclaimed elite would forcibly abolish parliamentary democracy, the market, private property, nationalise the economy, education, health, media and culture, and reintroduce cooperatives, communes, factories, and so-called five-year development plans. It is the shortest and deadliest path to poverty, misery, a life unworthy of a human being.”

In a statement for the media today, Fajon pointed out that it is very worrying that Prime Minister Janez Janša is planning the future of our country. She finds the motion for a resolution for the June SDS Congress absurd, dangerous, and worrying – as Janša warns of the authoritarian regime and the fall of democracy 30 years after independence. “I urge the MPs, who have an extraordinary responsibility, to vote on the constitutional accusation of Prime Minister Janez Janša, who violates the constitution, democracy and values of this country, to consider the future of Slovenia. I hope that these days they have realised that the safe and peaceful future of our country is at stake. This SDS resolution takes us back to a dark, gloomy past, to something that Slovenians would not deserve,” said the worried telephone operator.

“We will do everything to prevent the establishment of an eco-socialist system, which basically means the restoration of a totalitarian system. These, in particular socialism and communism, have done enormous damage in Slovenia. We are still seeing and feeling the consequences today, among other things in more than 700 slaughterhouses all over the country, caused by the ancestors of those who now offer an alternative,” they warned in the SDS party resolution and finally announced: “Yes, we will defend constitutional foundations of the Slovenian state, we will defend our homeland!”


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