The legendary Serbian actor refused to meet Tito several times, so Udba kidnapped him and “delivered” him to the White Palace

Source: nova24tv

By: Anita Gužvič (Nova24tv)

Pavle Vuisić is one of the most famous Serbian and Yugoslav actors of all time, and his films and series are still extremely popular today. Interesting stories from the life of the legendary actor, which also include Tito, were revealed by his wife Mirjana.

She revealed that her husband Pavle Vuisić did not tolerate Josip Broz Tito in any way, and she also explained why. “Many of the leaders in the country loved and also tolerated Pavle if he himself publicly showed that he did not like them. When ‘Paja’ went to the inn, he immediately demanded a blanket: ‘Bring me a blanket to cover Tito’s picture on the wall’,” she told.

His father was a victim of communist terror, so Pavle did not tolerate them. For years, he was also persuaded to meet Tito in person, but he did not even want to hear it. Security services even kidnapped him while he was by the river and took him in underwear to Tito’s White Palace. They insisted he get dressed, but he did not want to. “If you brought me like this, take me to him like this…” he said. Tito heard something going on and called him to his premises, and Pavle stood in front of him in underpants and a sports shirt, says Mirjana.

Pavle also liked to drink a lot, he also tolerated alcohol well, she said. She also claimed that Pavle did not like his profession, he did not like to act. “He did not like acting and did not want to deal with it. He entered this world by accident. But he continued to do so in order for us to live better. Although I still do not know if he really did not like to act or if he just liked to complain.”

Pavle did not get along with the main actor in the famous Kamiondžije series

Let us recall that Pavle Vuisić and Miodrag Petrović Čkalja filmed the famous series “Kamiondžije”, but when the cameras went off, the “friends” could not stand each other. According to Pavle, Miodrag exaggerated in acting, so he could not tolerate him. Although they did not get along, this was never noticed on television. They both acted as connected as if they were real friends. Mirjana says that she never met Čkalja, as he and Pavle never hung out, they just worked on projects together. However, when he was offered to record the sequel “Kamiondžije ponovo voze”, Pavle did not want that. “He did not want to play with Čkalja again and see him every day.” At that time, they were building a fence worth 110,000 dinars right in front of their home, and the main actors received a fee of 12,000 dinars, says Mirjana. “Pavle agreed to film the sequel, but only on condition that they pay him the full amount of money for the fence. He was convinced that they would not agree, but in the end they really paid him as much as he demanded.”

And although he did not tolerate Čkalja, he did one noble thing. Although he did not like him, he also won a huge fee for him at the time, Mirjana concluded.