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Saturday, June 3, 2023

The debate on the interpellation against Minister Simoniti continues today, and Matjaž Nemec went mad again

By P.G.

Today, the debate on the interpellation against the Minister of Culture Vasko Simoniti continues. A vote is also expected. Moreover, already last night, there was an incident in which Matjaž Nemec (SD) was involved again.

In her performance, Tina Heferle (LMŠ) pointed out the “political dispossession of the status of self-employed in culture” of rapper Zlatko. The decision was signed by Simoniti, and the administrative court, according to her, “tore the decision up”. According to the MP, the verdict showed that the Ministry acted illegally in this case, but Simoniti explained that the case was returned to the Ministry for reconsideration. The MP also accused the Minister of “arbitrarily stopping the issuance of decisions for beneficiaries of social security contributions from the budget”, which the Minister also denied.

As she was not satisfied with his answer, she demanded a replica, which led to a disagreement with the Vice President of the National Assembly, Jože Tanko, who chaired the session. Disagreements escalated, as the opposition did not agree with Tanko’s way of conducting the session, while Tanko estimated that the MP Nemec had offended him, so he sent him out of the hall. After an hour-and-a-half-long break, during which a consultation with the President of the National Assembly Igor Zorčič took place, the session continued and was adjourned at 22:00.

According to eyewitnesses, Nemec described Tanko as abnormal. However, such an incident did not happen for the first time. Already in May last year, at one of the sessions, the presiding Jože Tanko silenced Nemec for abusing the procedural proposal, which made Nemec shout at Tanko, saying who do you think you are.

Although the interpellation against Simoniti could get a few votes more compared to last week, when Simona Kustec and Janez Cigler Kralj were voted on, it is still very unlikely that the interpellation would succeed.


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